Hi Everyone!

This past weekend I traveled to Finnhamn in the Archipelago with just over seventy other DIS students, and it was perfect.

Finnhamn was about a four and half hour boat ride from Stockholm so it was super easy and it was great since we could use our SL (transportation) cards to get a ticket. Also, we left right when the sun was going down, so it was beautiful to watch the sunset on the boat.

It was the perfect weekend away since we got there around 9 pm on Friday and then had all day Sunday and took the 11:30 am boat back on Sunday. On Saturday, we started our day by all having breakfast together. Then we were free to explore whatever we wanted while there we still some guided activities if people were interested. A group of friends and I started with a hike around the hostel, looking at the views and climbing different rocks. While we were exploring, we also found a small ropes course, which was a lot of fun. Then in the afternoon, we went to a sauna that was right by the Baltic Sea. After I got nice and warm in the sauna, I went outside in the freezing cold and jumped in the water, which is completely crazy. But now I can say that I have swum in the Baltic Sea and I think that’s pretty cool. Then we just tried to keep warm and hung out before dinner. Then after dinner, we all watched Melodifestivalen together, which kind of reminds me of American Idol or America’s Got Talent. Then some people brought their instruments, so we had a little jam session.

Overall, it was a really great weekend trip, and it’s a reminder about all of the beautiful places that there are in Sweden, and they are pretty close to Stockholm. I think sometimes it can be easy to forget all the amazing places you can see right in the country you are studying in and you don’t have to travel to a different country every weekend. I highly recommend going to Finnhamn, and I’m really hoping to make another trip back there before the semester ends!


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