48 Hours in Oslo

Hi Everyone!!

This past weekend a few friends and I took our first weekend trip to Oslo, Norway! And it was perfect. We left late on Friday, where we had a 7:50pm flight and then came back to Stockholm on Sunday with a flight at 9:30pm. When deciding on where to stay, we did some research to find the cheapest place, and we ended up finding a nice Airbnb that wasn’t too far away from the center city!

Day 1: Saturday

We started our day walking to the Oslo Opera House, where we could walk up to the roof and take in the views of Norway in the morning, and it was beautiful. The sky was blue, and it wasn’t as cold as we expected it to be. After we were done taking in the views, we walked down Karl Johans gate, which is one of the main streets of Oslo to the Royal Palace. We weren’t allowed to go inside since it is not open during the winter season, but we ended up getting there at the perfect time to watch the changing of the guards. I think the Royal Palace is definitely something worth visiting even if you can’t inside because it is pretty to see. After that, we decided it was time for some fika, and that is was still acceptable to get even though we weren’t in Sweden. Then we went to walk by the water when we found Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s sculpture park, which had different sculptures that were all designed by grade school children. My favorite sculpture was the rainbow. Also, at this point, our day wasn’t even halfway over! After taking about a million pictures by the water when walked through Akershus Fortress, which was built in 1299 and it is still standing beautifully. Then in the same area, we also went into City Hall and the Nobel Peace Museum. City Hall is an absolute must if you go to Oslo because it was stunning on the inside with the entire rooms from top to bottom covered in artwork. I also really enjoyed going to the Nobel Peace Museum, and I learned a lot of information that I never knew before. Then timing was on our side today because as soon as we walked out, the Gore-Tex Winter Run just started, and we got to cheer on some of the runners! Finally, it was time for dinner and funnily enough as soon as we walked in, we saw another group of DIS students. And that was the end of day 1.

Day 2: Sunday

We had a bit of a later start to Day 2, but we were then able to start our day by riding on the ferry to some of the different islands that surround Oslo, which was nice, especially since it was also included in the 24hr public transportation pass. After that, we rode the tram for about an hour to go to Holmenkollen. I really enjoyed taking the tram because the ride up was beautiful, and as we rode up the mountain, the more snow we saw! It was funny sitting in the car, watching all the people get on with all of their ski stuff. We went there to see the ski museum and the ski jump tower. We went up to the top of the jump tower first, and it was amazing. I think that it was definitely the highlight of the trip and you could see everything! Then we walked through the museum, where was learned about the history of skiing and Holmenkollen. Then we went to the Frognerseteren Cafe for lunch, and we also shared their huge apple cake! Once we were finished, it was time to pack up and head to the airport.

Overall it was a perfect trip to Oslo, and I think that we had the perfect amount of time. I would say though that Oslo is definitely a little more expensive compared to Stockholm. However, pretty much everything we did was free except for the Nobel Peace Museum and the Ski Museum/Ski Jump. This weekend gave me more confidence about traveling during the weekends. Also, I have been in Stockholm for about three weeks or so, and I didn’t realize how much it already felt like home until I left for the weekend, and I realized how much I missed it!

I will write again soon, and have a great week!


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